James Bond Movie/Book or Soap Opera

Ian Fleming, former spy and novelist, wrote a whole big bunch of books centered around protagonist James Bond, Agent 007. He also wrote the novel Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang which like many of his James Bond novels was made into a movie. Independent of Ian Fleming, television networks across the world produced countless soap operas to air on their networks. Below is a list of Fleming's James Bond novels as well as James Bond movies (not all of which are based on Fleming's books) and popular soap operas from around the world. There is essentially little purpose to this list, making it a fairly adequate representation of life.

  1. You Only Live Twice
  2. One Life to Live
  3. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  4. A Man From the Past
  5. Moonraker
  6. A World Apart
  7. Jupiter Moon
  8. Die Another Day
  9. Days of Our Lives
  10. Never Say Never Again
  11. Never Too Young
  12. The Brighter Day
  13. Skyfall
  14. Metropia
  15. Quayside
  16. House of Anubis
  17. Quantum of Solace
  18. Goldfinger
  19. GoldenEye
  20. Golden Windows
  21. The Secret Storm
  22. CrashBurn
  23. The Living Daylights
  24. Guiding Light
  25. Octupussy
  26. As the World Turns
  27. Tomorrow Never Dies
  28. The World Is Not Enough
  29. For Your Eyes Only
  30. Spyder Games
  31. Spectre
  32. Rush
  33. The Spy Who Loved You
  34. The Secret Life of Us
  35. A View to Kill
  36. Diamonds Are Forever
  37. If Loving You Is Wrong
  38. From Russia With Love
  39. License to Kill
  40. The Widow & The Devil
  41. The Man With the Golden Gun
  42. Skyways
  43. Dr. No

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