Sunday Night Is All Night: Your Company, My Back

Count me among those who don't really give a shit, but this site is back. On the plus side, that's an extra 20 bucks a month in my pocket. So here's your Round Up. Pay attention.

Lorenzo Kincade still doesn't know how time zones work; something he proves in his Thursday Night History Lesson, which you can read here. He also continues to prove that he's an absolute moron, but there's bits in there that are some fun.

Lorenzo Kincade shows up again and kind of explains why there wasn't anything on this site for a while. Lack of ambition would have been a more honest explanation, but we got this instead.

Thankfully, Alakazambo stopped by and gave us something worthwhile. He gets Post of the Week and it's not even close. Go check it out now by clicking this. The guy seriously has skills. Between him and Tyrone we're almost reputable.

Lorenzo and I go back and forth quite a bit and I throw some needless jabs at him, but all told, 20 bucks a month aside, I'm glad he's finally got off his ass and started back with his silly little project that leads nowhere.

Alright you Dukes and Duchesses, keep those reading eyes open and as always, thank you for your continued support of Alpha60.

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