Sunday Night Is All Night: Are Your Heroes On Stamps?

Take a look at a 20 dollar bill if you've got one, because your curator is back with your round up.

Only two entries this week but it was a stronger week than most. Likely because there was no Lorenzo Kincade to get in the way. Let's see what we did have.

In Post of the Week news, The Spaced Invade wins with his piece on the puzzling relationship between Wimbledon and Serena Williams. Click this underlined bit to read it. It's a bit wordy and hits an occasional tangent, but it's still good and very much worth reading. TSE has begun to carve out a nice little niche with his writings on women's sports. Hope he keeps it up.

Then there was Tyrone. I almost gave you Post of the Week honors for bringing back our sometimes existent Milkshake Awareness Campaign. Thanks go out to you for that. Then I read the whole thing and felt a bit unsettled and afraid. That said, it's worth a read! And you can find it using this link! I'm only kidding, Tyrone, it did not leave me unsettled and afraid, but it did not change my belief that you could use some counseling. And I still love you. For the inundated, we here at Alpha60 love Tyrone, but think he might benefit from not being such a psycho. Write a romance or something, friend. Still, do read his piece, it's a nice post-modern look at the death of the milkshake via troubled ship captain. If nothing else to help preserve the milkshake.

Comment of the Week: This stupid thread wins out. And thanks to SaveBeiber and anilakavani for returning to the commenting game. Glad to see you're both back.

Thank you for your continued support of Alpha60. Even if you just got here.

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