Sunday Night Is All Night: We aspire to be just like you

King Mob, your humble curator, here again with another round up. Cut down on the chit-chat and see what we've done this last week.

Clever can be good and clever can be bad. Mostly it's a bad thing, compensating for lack of craft. On rare occasions it's good and fixed in nicely, complimenting one's overall work. Lorenzo Kincade put together this piece, which is just on the good side of clever. For as silly a piece as it is I did laugh and I hate myself for it. I also hate that I'm giving it Post of the Week. Nice work, Lorenzo.

At the bottom rung of the ladder of Intelligence and stupidity you find stupid. Below stupid there is fifty feet of the worst, most vapid thinking mankind is capable of. Then there is this, from no other than Lorenzo Kincade, who just showed us he can do not stupid things. Anyway, this is the history of the eye patch by way of television soap opera. Possibly. Sally forth, if you must, and find out for yourself.

Any week is a good week when Tyrone shows up. And Tyrone showed up this week with a short piece which you can read here. It isn't his best piece, but it's far from bad and certainly worth reading. It may not be a happy piece, but I don't think many people familiar with his writing expect that. Then again, maybe it is a happy piece. Who's to say. Suppose the reader would be the one to say. Why not read it and make of it what you will.

Commenter of the Week: That sound your shampoo bottle makes when you're trying to get the last bits of shampoo out.

That's all I got this week, dear readers. Thank you for your support of Alpha60. Tell your friends about us and bike with a helmet, don't text and drive and just be and think safely everyday. We may not show it, but we do care about you at times.

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