Sunday Night Is All Night: Call Up An Old Friend, You Monsters

Well, this looks like an easy round up. Let's see what we've been up to this past week so I can get back to eating my cheesecake.

Lorenzo Kincade comes back with another history lesson. It's a pretty surface level understanding of calendars, but we can't expect much from somebody who still doesn't know what day of the week Thursday is. For what it's worth though, it's a fairly interesting read. You can click here to read it and learn some things about time from our resident expert on the matter.

Then we have Post of the Week honors going to Tyrone. Or maybe I should give it to Hongo Hawkes. Hell, whoever wants it take it. Tyrone does fine job combing through the journals of Hongo Hawkes, a man nobody knows about, and gives us a little peak into who this man is. Here I thought he just liked milkshakes, and maybe he does, but it looks like Captain Hawkes might be more complex than that and it looks like he will be around a bit in the coming future and we'll get to know him bit by bit. This is your link should you want to read it. Yes, this whole damn underlined segment is the link. Go ahead and click it

Comment of the Week: The first minute and forty seconds of this:

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