Sunday Night Is All Night: Hot in the Poor Places

Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's apathy, regardless things have slowed here at Alpha60 lately. Anyway, King Mob with your Round Up.

Proof positive that Lorenzo Kincade wastes more time than time allows is this post. Is it a James Bond movie or a soap opera? Better yet, do you care?

Tyrone gives us another entry on noted fisherman and even better family man, Captain Hongo Hawkes with this post. So far it's been interesting to see this Hawkes fellow emerge. Looking forward to the next entry on on of America's lost souls. Keep it up, sir.

Not wanting to neglect my duties as curator, I've pulled this story from the archives. It's one of my favorite that Tyrone has contributed to the site and one of the better love stories I've ever read. If you missed it the first go-round, here's your chance to have a look. If you've read it before, why not read it again. Maybe you missed something the first time around.

Comment of the Week: Record scratch from the 1980's.

Drink plenty of water and thank you for your support of Alpha60.