Sunday Night Is All Night: I Don't Know My Neighbors

Andrew Jackson time! Boots on and hooves up. Let's round this week up.

Not a bad week, not a great week, but we got through it and have some things to share with you.

Lorenzo Kincade returns with his Thursday Night History Lesson. It can be found right darn here. It's a bit wandering, but so is the topic. It's been nice to see Lorenzo Kincade put in some more serious efforts as of late. He still retains his goofball nature, which I've been critical of in the past, but I've come around to embrace. He's at his best when he can find a way to merge the two and it appears he's getting closer to figuring that out.

In tribute to the recently deceased Roddy Piper, The Spaced Invader, a former professional wrestler himself, put together a nice remembrance of Hot Rod. Click this to read it. It's a heartfelt piece and it's your Post of the Week.

James Andre Fontaine returns with this bit. It's a short and strong piece. It keeps moving and it's intriguing, much like Fontaine himself. Take a couple minutes and read it. It'll be well worth the short bit of time it takes you to do so.

Comment of the Week: Whatever you shout when your toilet overflows and you realize you'll be scrubbing the bathroom floor with bleach for the next few hours.

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