Sunday Night Is All Night: We're Not Tired, We Just Sleep

Welcome back to another King Mob round up. Hope you had a safe holiday and please do take a look at what the folks of Alpha60 brought this week.

Lorenzo Kincade kept up his string of idiocy with another history lesson. This week: Vowels! Click here to learn-not-learn a few things about the history of vowels in the English language. Personally, I don't think the guy knows what he's talking about, but I'm just your curator.

Then comes your Post of the Week, written by former pro-wrestler The Spaced Invader. It's in celebration of the United States Women winning Soccer's World Cup. TSE must have written this thing is a flurry because this game just finished a couple hours ago. It's a good piece filled with mostly good things. You can check it out here. And I hope that you do.

I saw Lorenzo Kincade make his second appearance. This post does him even fewer favors than his previous one. He told me it was his love letter to America. I'm not sure I'd call it that. I don't know what I'd call it. Read it here and call it whatever you want.

Commenter of the Week: Lorenzo Kincade peeling out through Louisana in his 1985 Ford Mustang.

Glad to be back, folks. Here's to hoping we can keep it up. And as always, thank you for your support of Alpha60.

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